Promotion of organic inputs production

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RNBA and Partners have achieved in meeting the targets set for 3 years. We have successful promoted organic inputs by supporting 241 farmers in 3 years

RNBA and Partners supported 83 beneficiaries in the first year of the project. And in the 2nd year RNBA and Partners achieved the target set for 3 years by supporting 158 beneficiaries.

Vermicompost related interventions given by RNBA and Partners include awareness and benefits of organic fertilizers, preparation of compost bed, trainings and also marketing initiative in the initial stage.

14 SHGs from 3 villages (Thingou, Okoklong and Namthan) of RNBA target villages were supported in preparation of composting bed and trainings and awareness were also given. Whereas, CWG (Centre for Women and Girls) approximately supported around 10000 earthworms, 70 tarpaulins and trainings were given to promote organic inputs production. The reason why RNBA and Partners encourage vermi-composting to farmers is because it naturally benefits plants without the use of harmful chemicals. This compost is produced by earthworms meaning it is 100% organic. As farmers grew to understand the benefits of vermin-composting, our targets were effortlessly achieved by the end of 2nd year and it was clear they needed no further training.