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Rongmei Naga Baptist Association (RNBA) is a church based organization. Development & Relief Department is the social wing of Rongmei Naga Baptist Association (RNBA) working with partners NGOs in capacity building, fund raising and mainstreaming development in North Eastern states of India.

RNBA is working with 13 partners NGOs in thematic issues like sustainable natural resources management and livelihood, Food Security, Women Empowerment, Engagement with Youth, Renewable Energy and education.


“Self-reliant society and realizing the words of God through which every individual understands his/her responsibility towards humankind and nature”.



  • RNBA is grounded and inspired by the words of God with the faith sees the world as God’s creation.
  • Committed to partnership with humanness particularly the poor and powerless.
  • Anticipated, envisioned and strife for Peace and Justice.
  • Stewardship towards creation.



  • Partnering with grassroots NGOs in northeast India.
  • Dignified and sustainable livehihood.
  • Good governance.
  • Quality education.
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Management.
  • Women SHG
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Capacity building and awareness.