Initiating Promotion of aggregation and Marketing of traditional crops

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To ensure aggregation and collective marketing, RNBA and partners (PHDO and CWG) conducted marketing surveys in Kumbi, Moirang, Bishnupur, Pallel, Noney bazaar, Nungba bazar and Imphal to market the finished products made by SHGs. In the second year of project implementation, RNBA and Partners achieved all 4 targets

RNBA has supported the said activity to the VLF (Village Level Federation) of Kabuikhullen and Nagaching village. The 2 villages have 3 SHGs and 4 SHGs respectively and also have the common processing facility in Kabuikhullen village which is actively functional. The activity is to add value to their production and also procure needy materials such as maize, banana, Chilli, fermented bamboo shoot, brinjal, gourd, sweet potato, wild vegetables, papaya, polybags, etc. This would immensely help the villagers and push their different activity which would in turn help and enhance their income.

The two VLF have started the business in turmeric and in the process to scale up their activity for maximum profit. And in certain duration of time will disburse the funds to the SHGs of the 2 villages as loan. This will help both the VLF and the SHGs in building sustainable livelihood activities.

PHDO supported the society “Ima Phouoibi Cooperative society’ run by the SHGs in purchasing the raw materials such as ginger, king chilli, black rice, mustard and packaging pouches and have facilitated the society linking to various local shops to sell their finished products. It is to be noted that all the finished products for marketing was processed in the processing unit run by the society.

CWG initiated a marketing facility of traditional crops ginger and sugarcane for Aihang and Meipou Village. The farmers harvested a total quantity of 100 bags which brought a total profit of Rs.60, 000/- and 8550 litres of sugarcane juice bringing a total profit of Rs. 342,000/-.