Adoption of SRI method for rice cultivation

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SRI with black rice and Khaichum: The Development & Relief Department of Rongmei Naga Baptist Association, Manipur has implemented the project “Promotion of food security and Ensuring a sustainable Impact in the area of Poverty Reduction through System of Rice Intensification (SRI)”.   RNBA followed the basic principles on SRI.

Sixth Basic Principles on System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

  1. Early transplantation (8-14 days)
  2. Single seedling (2.5kg for one acre/5kg for one hac.) 
  3. Spacing (25X25 Cm-plant to plant row to row)
  4. Irrigation (alternate wetting and drying)
  5. Mechanical weeding (15 DAT-two to three time interval)
  6. USE compost and organic manure

With total target set for three years was 670 beneficiaries from target 20 villages of 3 Partners. RNBA with Partners were able to meet the target set for the three years period. During the course of 3 years, beneficiaries were given the liberty to choose the types of model depending on their desirability of climatic and land conditions. PHDO’s target beneficiaries mostly practiced SRI and RNBA beneficiaries practiced SRI with Khaichum. Regrettably.

In the First year, activity SRI with black rice and khaichum target set was 200. RNBA and Partners achieved 200 targets in the first year of the project.  In the first, RNBA achieved 88 targets, PHDO achieved 110 targets and CWG achieved 2 targets. Beneficiaries of RNBA and CWG practised khaichum alongside SRI whereas PHDO beneficiaries focused on SRI.

In the Second year, the activity’s target set was 179 and achieved accordingly. RNBA achieved 76 targets, PHDO 98 and CWG achieved 5 targets. Beneficiaries of RNBA and CWG practised SRI with black rice and khaichum. PHDO beneficiaries focused on SRI with black rice only.

Four different models being promoted and practiced by the farmers in three years

In the Final year, the activity’s target set was 291 and achieved 100 percent. RNBA achieved 194 targets and PHDO achieved 97 targets. As for CWG, SRI with black rice and khaichum was not successful as expected, hence targets originally set was adjusted with activity IFS (integrated farming system).

 The different types of models for this activity during these 3 years are SRI with Black rice and Khaichum, SRI with black rice, SRI with and Khaichum, and SRI (local rice). More than 40,000 fingerlings were distributed to RNBA and CWG beneficiaries during the period of 3 years.  The span of maturing fingerlings is 3-4 months so, harvesting the fish is mostly done by October or early part of November. The expected weight of the fingerlings upon the maturation is 200-250 gm which can be sold for Rs. 200-220 per kg.