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RNBA organised a joint exposure visit under APPI and Bread for the world project to Sikkim which is known as the organic state of India. The visit was carried out on 4th to 10th June, 2018. The visit was organised for 9 Partner NGOs both APPI and Brot partners, comprising of 21 male and 8 females. RNBA team visited Sanganath in South Sikkim, Rabong Sangmoo, and Kitam Manpur in South Sikkim. The main activities practising there were integrated farming, compost making, cultivation practices, pest management, marketing and value addition.  It was learned that Sikkim has a total of 32 FPOs (Farmer’s Producer Organization). Since the State Government have banned imported vegetables, the state government gives full support to the farmers and FPO by providing them trainings, exposure trips, platform for market and also provides free machines to registered FPO. The purpose of the visit was to generate an exchange of experience and good practices. Although the visit was short, opportunities for exposure was met by visiting cherry pepper plantation, cardamom plantation, locally practised compost making and lemon grass plantation.