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Seed fair Mela cum local seed exchange program was held on the 17th April 2017 at CWG office. Some villages could not attend due to sudden bandh imposed on the day we organised the program. During the Mela participants got the chance to see different varieties of local seeds/crops and they do have exchanged of seeds. They also realised that some seeds like millet was still preserved by few farmers. Many have appreciated the initiatives for conducting this Seed Mela as it was really motivating to farmers who still practiced self-seed collection. The participants also agreed to have one vegetable mela probably in the month of August 2017. CWG would be taking the initiative and coordination of farmers to finalise the date and venue for the same. The seed fair mela cum seed exchange program will be conducted again in the month of August 2017 as some project villages failed to participate during the seed mela. Two project villages- Phalbung and Chahmol participated the program. Total participants were 11, 6 from two project villages and 5 from organisation CWG.

The seeds collected during the seed mela fair:

  1. Maize- 4 varieties ( red sticky, white sticky, black sticky,white maize)
  2. Cucumber- 2 varieties
  3. Millet
  4. Mustard seed- 2 varieties (Big and small)
  5. Pimpkin- 2 varieties
  6. Sesame
  7. Pea cormn
  8. Torbod- 3 varieties
  9. Hawaimubi
  10. Chakhawai
  11. Bitter gourd
  12. Changnam
  13. Ginger
  14. Turmeric
  15. Millet
  16. Sibot
  17. Lomba
  18. Yengdam
  19. Khameng akhaba
  20. Papaya
  21. Yendem
  22. King chilly
  23. Chilly
  24. Saogri
  25. Red rice
  26. Sticky rice
  27. Changngat
  28. Brinjal
  29. Maipet
  30. Beans climber
  31. Beans non climber
  32. Ladyfingers
  33. Bekungbur
  34. Water gourd
  35. Mayangpa
  36. Potato yam
  37. Taro