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653 beneficiaries of RNBA and Partners have obtained soil health card. By the end of 2nd year, RNBA and Partners (PHDO & CWG) achieved 405 targets and 248 targets were achieved during 5th sixth months (3rd year). While few beneficiaries’ cards are under processed, majority of the beneficiaries from RNBA and Partners (PHDO and CWG) have obtained their soil health cards.  One day workshop, participated by 155 farmers was conducted on how to apply and utilize soil health cards. Obtaining the cards were taking more time than we expected however RNBA and Partners persistent request and follow up made possible of obtaining the cards for our beneficiaries.  

Since soil health card are analysed and recommendation is made for appropriate measures to deal with the quality of the soil, it will encourage the farmers to use more of natural manure by reducing the use of fertilizers and planting the right crop in a right place by going through the card.  It is our believe that it will help the farmers to cut back the use of fertilizers and expenses and bridge the gap of information and awareness.