Inclusive land tenure security, and ensured sustainable livelihood for tribal and PVTG of Manipur

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Domain Area: Livelihood and land rights in hill districts of Manipur

Target areas include 30 villages under Tamenglong, Noney, Chandel and Kangpokpi district of Manipur. Target communities include Rongmei, Zeme, Liangmei and PVTGs communities such as Tarao, Chothe, Thangal, Inpui, Kharam and Chiru.

Tamenglong district – Azuram village, Chramram village, Namtiram village, Impa Nkang village, Makuai village and Thiulong village.

Noney district- Pungmon village, Bakhwa village, Haochong village, Ijeirong village, Puichi village and Wakhong Inthan village.

Chandel district-  Khuringmul village, Leishokching village, Bukthrol village, Heikakpokpi village, Khulairam village, Purum Tampak, Purum Lainingkhul, and Purum Khullen.

Kangpokpi district: Thangal Surung, Mapao Thangal, Sadu Chiru, Uran, Waithao, and Khoirok, Kharam Pallen, Tuisenphai, Laikot and Laikot Phazol.

2 major objectives:

Objective/Intervention 1:  Land tenure security for hill districts of Manipur. Under this objective the following activities will be taken up

  • Developing of village Land use plan/micro plan for sustainable village development ecosystem
  • Capacity building of village youth to assist in preparing locally enforceable land tenure system documentation  and land mapping processes
  • Conduct meetings/workshop and seminars with traditional land owners/village leaders/govt officials and CSOs on traditional land tenure system
  • Documentation of land tenure system and developing land registry in 30 target villages
  • Documentation of current situation of PVTG in Manipur
  • Conduct 6 interface meeting/workshop with financial institution and govt dept to accord recognition to village land record


Objective/Intervention #2:  Long term land cultivation support for enhancing land tenure security

  • Strategic long term land use support for enhancing land tenure security for 750 landless & marginalised farmers  with sustainable land technology (SALT)
  • convergence meetings will be conducted with NABARD  for ensuring access to various NABARD’s schemes