Integrated Farming system

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The total target set for 3 years is 1117 targets. The number of targets was increased from the first result framework after permission was granted by APPI, Bangalore. Around 900 beneficiaries from 20 target villages were supported in procuring piglets to promote this activity. Also around 200 beneficiaries from 10 project villages were supported in procuring chicks and ducklings to promote the activity.  In the first year of the project, RNBA and Partners supported 200 farmers. In the second year of the project, RNBA and Partners supported 583 farmers, achieving more than the target set. In the final year of the project, RNBA and Partners supported 329 farmers to promote Integrated Farming System.

RNBA and Partners intervened in adopting the activity by providing much practical and helpful training. RNBA and Partners have identified that Piggery with kitchen garden is the most feasible activity that partners can uniformly practiced and follow.

Adoption of Integrated Farming System has led to sustainability and stability in farm income through multiple enterprises that aim at maximum utilization of available natural resources to meet the family needs.

  1. Development of site specific and appropriate crop/enterprise based models suitable for different agro-ecological situations.
  2. Integrating as many of the enterprises as possible from crop production, horticulture, animal husbandry, forestry, fisheries, value addition, etc.. for soil and water conservations practices as applicable to different situations.