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(With NREGS support)

RNBA and Partners have initiated meetings for land and water resource development through NREGS in 20 project villages in 5 districts of Manipur. A total of 22 planning support were given by RNBA and Partners in their target villages. In the first year of the project, 5 planning support were given and during the following six months, 15 planning support were given to RNBA and Partners (PHDO & CWG) target villages. 2 additional planning supports were also given during the 3rd year of the project by RNBA in their project village. Planning and meeting for land and water resource development with the village authorities of the target villages were discussed and planned of merging with MGNREGS and other accessible agencies to elevate their economic status and bring development to their villages & communities.

Taudaijang village after the planning support took place under MGNREGS scheme is using A-Frame for making contour/line for plantation purposes. Also, Taudaijang village is in the process of developing a tourist site called heritage village, where they have already identified the site, cleared the jungle under MGNREGS work and have decided to take detail survey for mapping the area for heritage village with concern line department.

Under total village sanitation program, Namthan village leaders with RNBA staffs decided to adopt the program. The idea came about since pigs are being reared in open spaces resulting to unhygienic and bad odour environment. The village have decided to ban open rearing of pigs by October 2018.    Also, the villagers, especially women and children are facing a big challenge in the long distance fetching of water for household purposes especially during October to May. The village leaders and RNBA held a meeting on this issue and resolved to take up water supply jointly under MGNREGS_NABARD.

Through PHDO planning support, water conservation/control structure drainage under MNREGS for the paddy field was given due priority within Napaching village as number of farmers faces the problem of water scarcity due to improper drainage. In a bid to achieve this, PHDO and villagers of the Napaching villages requested DRDA department for constructing RCC Drainage at Napaching village. With the help of DRDA department water control structure RCC drainage construction have been taken up in the current year 2019 under MGNREGA. A 90 feet long drainage had been constructed in Napaching village.