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Promotion of Pollinators and Predators

The number of target set for this activity was 417. Similarly, RNBA and Partners have achieved the targets set for 3 years. Bee boxes had been distributed to the beneficiaries for RNBA and Partners. Bee keeping activity escalated slightly in RNBA project villages and neighbouring villages showing potential in the RNBA target districts. RNBA including Partners have conducted several trainings on bee keeping. Usually, RNBA and partners conduct trainings after thorough screening of trainees based on their interest.  Few trainees of the first batch have now become experts in bee keeping, giving them the benefit to demonstrate and lead trainings.  Mr. Jokngampou Rongmei and Mr Aduan are few of the trainees who have lead and demonstrated in making bee boxes and catching bees. Refresher trainings on bee keeping was also conducted by RNBA and Partners in their target villages by inviting subject experts and 1st batch trainees as resource persons.