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Limited livelihood options for women and youth along with lack of access to credit are major concerns in the rural areas. There is increasing migration of youth from rural villages seeking for better opportunities, making the rural areas gradually dying. Financial inclusion is a matter of concern in many rural areas including the project villages that RNBA and Partners cover, though presence and some basic functioning of SHG provide rays of hope.

Microfinance institutions are almost non existential in the rural areas. While, few villages have access to formal banking system, the distance is about 20-40kms on dreadful roads.

In terms of marketing of farm and forest products, it has been found that there is no value addition taking place at any levels. The practice of selling their products at the farm gate to middlemen is commonly followed.

Owing to the given situation, RNBA intend to enhance access to green and sustainable livelihoods opportunities for youth and women; provide rural youths and women, skills &business opportunities around local natural resources having market potential.

Skills and microenterprises around agriculture and forest products are promoted and deep handheld to ensure increase in employment and income of youth and women.